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The Body Scrub Bar - Product of the MonthEach month I’ll feature one of the products from the range, to showcase all the goodness, love, care, and attention that goes into picking the natural alternatives. Each product within the Eco Ems range has been chosen to help make eco swaps easy with the added benefit of skin loving ingredients.

I’ve chosen to Nurture Nature and I know the ingredients within each bar are good for you and the planet. Whenever you choose to buy from my small business, you are supporting a multitude of other small businesses within my supply chain.

Thank you from all of us.


The Body Scrub Bar - Product of the MonthThe Body Scrub Bar does exactly what it says it will, a gentle exfoliant with sugar and cocoa butter at its base.

Perfect for illuminating the skin by buffing away the dead skin cells and providing a hit of moisture. The bar also contains a variety of botanical essential oils, from rose to lavender, which smell heavenly as they hit the water.

Rose essential oil is known for promoting a youthful glow, by reducing redness and puffiness. Which is particularly good for your face, although named the body scrub bar this ubiquitous product can also be used on your face.

As sugar is a gentle exfoliant and Dragon fruit is another key ingredient this will help improve breakouts. Used topically dragon fruit has been proven to help fight spots and prevent them reoccurring.

By using the bar in your skin care routine morning and night it can help to prevent acne, improve circulation, and boost vitamin C to your skin. This antioxidant can help to keep your skin looking at its best.


Rinse your face with warm water, apply the bar in circular motions on the skin, avoid contact with your eyes. Once enough of the product has been applied and you can feel the sugar on your skin, use a bamboo flannel to remove from your face.

Alternatively, if you are suffering with a breakout at the time of application. Apply the product to your hands and transfer to your face, apply in circular motions gently, do not apply too much pressure as this can damage the skin. Once you feel clean and fresh, remove the excess with a damp bamboo flannel.

You can also use the body scrub bar in the shower, wet the skin and apply all over. Apply with circular motions and let the water rinse the sugar away. Once you’ve had your shower don’t forget to store your bars outside of the cubical on a soap dish.

This will ensure you get the best longevity of the bar, and it doesn’t wash away in the shower. Leave to dry fully in between uses and keep out of direct sunlight.


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Thank you for reading this weeks blog, The Body Scrub Bar – Product of the Month.

Peace and love,

Eco Em xx

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