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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas : Sustainable Self CareLet’s celebrate the amazing ladies who have moulded our lives, motivated us, and brightened our days with love on Mother’s Day. From mums to friends, aunts to sisters, and all the amazing people who have bought you up. With presents that go above and beyond the norm, Eco Ems shares ways to show your gratitude. I’ve compiled a few ideas to help you find considerate, eco-friendly, and vegan-friendly gifts that express your appreciation and affection for the women in your life.


With our Double Cleanser gift set, you can give mum the best self-care experience possible. Its abundance of skin-beneficial ingredients will make your skin glow. Allow her to relax after the day while surrounded by calming aromas and nourishing goodness. The hydrating pink pearl face cleanser and the sugar scrub with dragon fruit are part of the double cleanser set. An incredible tool for brightening your complexion, eliminating breakouts, and reducing dry skin. With the bonus of the incredibly soft, naturally antimicrobial bamboo flannel.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas : Sustainable Self CareChoose from our selection of natural skincare products, bamboo accessories, and personalised touches to create a custom wellness package. Each piece is designed to enhance the self-care experience and add individuality to your present. To make your box set even more unique, choose our eco-friendly gift wrapping, add your message to show your love, and choose your favourite herbal tea to sip with the set.


Select from our best-selling skincare products with our special Mother’s Day bundle. Enjoy a multibuy discount when you choose her favourite bath bombs or soaps, which will make the gift even more meaningful. You can customise the bundle to include her preferred scents by adding her personalisation options. assembling a selection of our best products that speak to her individual style. After that, each thoughtfully selected item is put inside a beautiful gift box, ready to be gifted with love.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas : Sustainable Self CareI recognise that not everyone wishes to celebrate Mother’s Day; perhaps you are facing personal difficulties. Or you desperately miss your mum. I know it can be difficult, but I just wanted to let you know I’m sending my love to you as always, especially if this time of year is hard for you.

I hope you’ve been intrigued by my recommendations and have some new options you can explore this year. All you need to do to put together a unique gift set is visit the website or get in touch via our social media accounts. You can pick from one of our unique green gift sets or assemble a custom gift box. And you can pick up gifts right up until Mother’s Day if you’re Leicester-based.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog, Mother’s Day Gift Ideas : Sustainable Self Care.

Peace and love

Eco Em xx

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