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Thank You For Your FeedbackI appreciate all the feedback from you. As I’ve said several times before, getting feedback from others and learning about their successes is incredibly inspiring. I enjoy hearing from every single one of my clients; I value all your messages, from little notes and comments to reviews and thank-you notes. Please take a moment to let me know how things are going after the market, or once you receive your presents and get a chance to try your new products. I can improve recipes and scents with your input, allowing me to expand the line and add everything you adore.

I’ve included a couple of the reviews I’ve had from you lovelies about the pink pearl face cleanser and the dragon fruit scrub. We’ve just released the incredible cleansing duo, the ideal present for someone who wants a glowing complexion or a little treat for yourself. Whether you need a bit of extra hydration, have combination skin, dry patches, or acne-prone skin. Together, these two are amazing.

I start with the dragon fruit scrub to get rid of any dead skin, or imperfections, and to lessen the irritation around spots and blemishes. I then use the facial cleanser to wash my face and remove any makeup. In the process of removing the makeup, the natural oils enable the cleanser to gently hydrate the skin. After doing this double cleanse, you can use a serum, moisturiser or your favourite facial oil.


Thank You For Your Feedback“The scrub worked beautifully to exfoliate the skin and completely got rid of the red bumps.”

“Not only does the facial cleansing bar and pads leave my face feeling fresh and soft, but they also look amazing in the bathroom.”

“Love my new flannel, it feels gentle on my skin when removing make-up and washing my face.”

“Made my skin feel so soft and unwind after a long day.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of using the facial cleanser bar and love it!”

“I use the facial cleanser and the body scrub together; the scrub gets rid of all the daily grime, and you can exfoliate your skin. Then the cleanser moisturises afterwards, and I feel fresh.”

“The scrub is amazing I’m fully stocked up as it helps with my spots and it’s my new go-to when I have a breakout.”


If you’d like more information about either of the products featured in this month’s testimonials don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also grab your Cleansing Duo on the website or have a look at the Limited-Edition Time to Relax Pamper Pack ideal for those who love some rest and relaxation.

For your chance to feature in next month’s blog, don’t forget to review your products on the website and if you have any feedback, please feel free to get in touch via [email protected].

Thank you for reading this weeks blog, Thank You For Your Feedback.

Peace and love

Eco Em xx

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