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About Eco Em

About Eco Em

Eco Em is the home of holistic, sustainable living, with gifting at the heart of everything I do.

My zero waste, low-tox lifestyle kicked into gear when I started litter picking back in 2018.

I was astounded by the amount of rubbish I saw, so my local community and I set out to do better.

I felt like Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit’s hole!

Everywhere I looked I found new ways to reduce my waste and I carried out my own bin audit. I found several ways to halve my general waste by making simple swaps.

I started documenting these everyday eco-friendly swaps and my little following grew on Instagram.


About Eco Em

Zero waste is the term I use to define how I choose to live my life. It basically means I aim to send nothing to landfill. I reduce the amount I buy through being more eco-conscious. Choosing second hand wherever possible, composting, repurposing and refilling. I am also a huge advocate of reducing food waste and growing my own food. I’ve started the Eco Em’s veg patch and I’m enjoying sharing this journey with you.

I am aiming to bring Eco Em to the forefront of eco-friendly living, by championing conscious consumerism and passing on eco swaps in the easiest of places to start. THE BATHROOM. You can save thousands of plastic bottles from going to landfill – even if you think they are being recycled!


To date I have learnt so much about plastic-free alternatives and I am keen to share everything I know with you. The full range of Eco Em’s Gifts is plastic free, vegan friendly and cruelty free. After learning about the multitude of toxins, synthetics, and chemicals in our everyday bathroom items, I was keen to make even more changes.

Low-tox living aims to remove harmful chemicals and toxins from our everyday lives, for a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle. Items such as bleach and parabens can be swapped for better alternatives such as bicarbonate of soda and natural preservatives.


The botanic skincare range has been designed with simplicity at its core. A simple yet effective skincare routine can nurture, nourish, and allow each of us to glow in our perfectly imperfect beauty. And nurturing nature with every product and encouraging wellbeing with every green gift box. I promote recycling, repurposing, and reusing wherever possible, ensuring that all I do at home is brought into the business. You can find top tips within the blog, gift sets for all occasions and eco-friendly swaps within the shop.

I also pop up on socials, so if you’re eager to learn how to be more self-sufficient and make an imperfect impact then follow me.

Thank you for your love, support and for wanting to make a change for the better.

Eco Em xx


“Fantastic workshop today I was so impressed with my macrame plant hanger, thanks to her great tuition!”

Caroline Seviour

“I ordered these mini bath bombs for my daughter and we were so impressed with how quickly they arrived after our order, and all intact! My daughter’s skin is a bit sensitive/ reactive and Emma was more than happy to make calming and non-irritating bath bombs for her to enjoy! My daughter was delighted with them, loved how they fizzed in the water and her skin was beautifully smooth after her bath! Thanks so much, will def be ordering again! Xx”

Alannah Ashbridge

“I was lucky enough to receive a gift box from eco em’s for my birthday and can honestly say they are the best bath bombs I’ve ever used…my skin was so soft afterwards! I have since bought a couple of gifts from em’s and the recipients were equally as pleased…Emma helped me completely personalise each box so my gifts were totally unique and personal. Highly recommend xx”

Louise Hunt

“Emma really does put care and attention to detail into her gift boxes. They’re beautiful! everything comes beautifully packaged and I love how environmentally friendly and sustainable it all is. The lavender bath bombs are my favourite! They look and smell amazing. The perfect gifts and also encourage me to do my bit for the environment. Thanks Em xx”

Georgie Blakeley

“I’ve brought a few gift sets of Eco Em’s gifts, they are always presented beautifully, they smell incredible, and leave your skin feeling wonderful. Due to having some allergies Eco Em Gifts have always been helpful and willing to adapt the bath bombs for me…and nothing is ever too much. The orange bath bomb is just incredible! I’ve also had a few bath bombs for the kids and they absolutely love them. Would highly recommend.”

Becca Jarvis