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DonationsDid you know you can recycle with Eco Ems?

If we’ve been lucky enough to meet, you’ll know how much I love recycling. If at first, I can’t reduce or repurpose, I will find a way to give everything a new lease of life wherever possible.

You may have seen the charities that collect used postal stamps. Well, you’ll be pleased to know I collect them as well, you can send them to a charity of your choice or to me alongside your other donations.

Eo Ems
Another firm favourite of the great British public are milk bottle tops. But what do you do with them? Well, I’ve teamed up with another fantastic small business to bring you the very colourful soap dishes. These will be added to the collection soon and in the meantime, you can find more information about Opal Treasures on Social Media.

Not forgetting the amazing support I’ve received since launching the donation station for candles. Each of the recycled candles are made with donated wax from lovely customers. If you have a Leicester based business, church group, or are a local candle lover please get in touch to find out the best methods of sending in your donations.

Thank you so much for helping me recycle and repurpose everyday waste items. I will endeavour to keep adding ideas and partnerships as I find them. Together we can reduce the millions of candles, plastic milk bottle tops and stamps that go to landfill every year.