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Nurturing Nature: The Inspiration Behind Eco EmsIt seems appropriate to take a moment to celebrate the birthday of famous environmentalist Sir David Attenborough this month. On the 8th May at 98 years old, he’s thought to be one of the most well-travelled people on the planet and has over 10 plants and animals named after him. Over the years we watched his documentaries when I was growing up although interested, I was never fascinated.

However, I was enthralled by Attenborough’s documentaries six years ago, and they inspired a profound love and respect for the natural world. His love of the outdoors and commitment to conservation motivated me to take the initiative and change the world in my own small way. At the time I began litter picking and I wanted to find ways to reduce the amount of waste I was creating at home.

Eco Ems Origins

Nurturing Nature: The Inspiration Behind Eco EmsOriginally, Eco Ems served as a forum to discuss easy-to-implement yet helpful suggestions for encouraging people to reduce waste and live more sustainably. I started a path of learning and exploration, drawing inspiration from a variety of places such as Pinterest, craft fairs, marketplaces, and conversations with small businesses and individuals. I explored the plethora of material about sustainable living that is available on YouTube, which helped me to keep learning more about environmental challenges.

There are many different types of environmentalists, and they all have different interests and strategies. In my opinion, it’s about encouraging a lifestyle that coexists peacefully with the environment we live in, cooperating with nature rather than against it. I’m always learning and love nothing more than meeting people who are on a similar path.

Sustainable Gardening Methods

Nurturing Nature: The Inspiration Behind Eco EmsThe aim to protect the environment and promote a closer relationship with it lies at the core of Eco Ems. Our goal is to enable people to adopt eco-friendly swaps and make little changes that benefit the environment as well as themselves. Our assortment of products, which includes eco-friendly gifts and natural skincare, is thoughtfully chosen to showcase our dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

I’m thrilled to keep offering suggestions, motivation, and useful advice for leading a more sustainable lifestyle as we move forward. I’m hoping the inspiration I find when watching Planet Earth or Our Planet, can help to encourage others to find an interest in their communities to nurture nature once again.

As I celebrate my own birthday on May 28th, I’m delighted to share the month of May with such an inspiring person as Sir David 😊 Happy Birthday!!

Thank you for reading this weeks blog, Nurturing Nature: The Inspiration Behind Eco Ems.

Peace and love

Eco Em xx

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