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How to create a simple skincare routineEco Em’s is all about going back to basics, it was never my intention to build a skincare business. My mission was and is to inspire people to make plastic free swaps. And I felt the bathroom was the easiest place to start. I began researching eco swaps and plastic free alternatives years ago when I set out to reduce my general waste and become zero waste.

I started with a shampoo bar and a toothbrush, which at the time seemed like the easiest items to swap. I wanted to swap out everything in the bathroom and buy eco alternatives. After a while I was adamant that everything I bought had to be

  • Cruelty free & Vegan friendly
  • Plastic free & Minimal packaging
  • Home compostable or Recyclable
  • All natural ingredients & Paraben free


This seemed like an easy task, but when I started looking most vegan friendly bathroom items were in plastic bottles. The replacements I found that were naked, were so expensive and most were being manufactured by global conglomerates who love a bit of green washing.


At that point I knew I could make skincare that was simpler, less harsh chemicals that strip the skin of its natural oils and reduce the number of products we’ve been told we need. I’ve never been one for a 7-step skincare routine, but I do believe we need to look after ourselves. I like to ensure my skin is hydrated, cleansed and the products I use reflect my values.

As I’ve been monitoring the changes, I can put these three key habits and swaps down to the improvements I’ve seen.


Drink plenty of water, throughout the day I drink between 2 – 3 litres of water. I’ve also reduced my caffeine in take by swapping to herbal teas and minimised my alcohol consumption. This is proven to help boost your immune system as well as benefitting the health of your skin.


The Pink Pearl Face Cleanser Bar is used day and night. Another reason for adding the cleanser to my skincare routine was to make it easier, I don’t have to use one set of the products in the morning and another at night. It’s one cleanser for day or night use, in the morning I set my skin up for the day ahead with the tapioca pearls stimulating blood flow. By encouraging highly oxygenated blood into the area, it will help to support healthy skin over time. The high concentration of natural oils also helps at night to remove any make up, daily dirt and general toxins picked up from the day.


The Ultra Pro Facial Cream is used in my morning and nighttime routine, plus you only need a little as it goes a long way. The face cream on average lasts 6 months when used daily, it creates a barrier on the skin that reduces irritation and dryness. By keeping the moisture in the skin, it has more elasticity which in turn reduces wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and improves the overall look of your complexion.

I’ve met many people now who like me want to look after themselves but don’t have the time for an extensive skincare routine. May have a limited budget, want products that reflect similar values or don’t know where to start. I hope this has helped share my experiences and what I’ve gained by going simple.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog – How to create a simple skincare routine If you would like any advice, please let me know, as mentioned everything I’ve learnt to date is through my own experience. If you need to seek medical advice, please visit your GP or a dermatologist. Don’t forget to share your progress with me on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok I hope you feel inspired to make some changes and start a simple skincare routine today.

Peace and love

Eco Em xx

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