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Facial Cleansing Bar ReviewThank you for your feedback

I love hearing from all the waste warriors that support Eco Ems. With every review whether it’s from Etsy, the website or feedback from customers directly my business grows. It’s your kind words, support and word of mouth that continue to make a huge difference and put a smile on my face.


Every month we have a theme and throughout April I have been talking to people about getting ready for the summer. I’ve also written a lot about hybrid products and how you can use the botanical skincare throughout the Eco Ems range, for more than one use.

With that in mind and all that benefits that go alongside the multi-use theme, I wanted to touch on some of your favourites. This review was from a lovely lady, who won last months random act of kindness gift box.

Lots of you entered with your suggestions for your loved ones who needed a little love sent their way. Thank you to everyone who got involved to share the self care, our fabulous winner had a few words to say about her gift.

Facial Cleansing Bar Review“It really was such a wonderful feeling to be thought of and actually win! So, this week I have had the pleasure of using the facial cleansing bar with the cute facial cleansing pads. Not only do they leave my face feeling fresh and soft, but they also look amazing in the bathroom.”

“It’s wonderful to expand my eco friendly products and get to know a new local eco friendly business. Thank you for the reminder of how easy it can be to swap out products to ones that are better for ourselves and the environment!!”


To feature in the monthly testimonials, you can pop your product reviews on the website, within each product or on the Green Gift Set. On Etsy after your purchase or on Google Reviews when you search for Eco Em’s Gifts on your search engine of choice (Give Ecosia a go if you can).

If you’d like more information about the product featured in this month’s testimonials don’t hesitate to get in touch. Or to secure your own facial cleanser click here or visit the shop section within the website.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog, Facial Cleansing Bar Review.

Peace and love,

Eco Em xx

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