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If you’ve not come across this marvellous shower scrub before, let me tell you a little more about them. They are a 2 in 1 shower staple in my bathroom, you can add your favourite soap from the Botanics Range and use in the shower then hang up to dry.

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Directions for use
When your soaps start to break into little pieces and begin to run out, you can pop them in the bag to make the most out of them and get the last bit. It stops excess waste if you are likely to throw them away and you can exfoliate your skin without the need for plastic scrunchies and sponges.

When you are finished with your sisal bag, you can pull it apart and leave it in your home composter to break down. If you’d like to pair your sisal bag with one of our soaps or gift sets visit the Green Gift Set page for more options.

Sisal is a type of plant known as Agave sisalana. The fibre used to make this soap bag is biodegradable and sustainable.

The dimensions are 10cm x 14cm with a pull string to secure the soap inside.

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