Bamboo Soap Dish


The perfect bathroom accessory to go alongside your plastic-free swaps. The Bamboo Soap Dish comes with an easily removable middle section for cleaning and draining. A lip around the edge to stop your soap from moving and will complement your bathroom décor.

Bamboo is naturally bacteria-resistant and is grown organically without pesticides. With proper care, you can even make it last longer, by removing excess water, cleaning, and drying regularly. Avoid leaving it in a puddle of water, although there is water-resistant paint on the soap dish, this will degrade over time.

When you are finished with your soap dish, you can pull it apart and leave it in your home composter. If you’d like to pair your soap dish with one of our soaps or gift sets visit the Green Gift Set page for more options.

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Bamboo and waterproof paint, nitrocellulose lacquer, which will biodegrade in a home composter. All materials are vegan-friendly, nontoxic, and sustainably sourced.

Outer dimensions = 8.1cm x 11.1cm
Inner dimensions = 6.5cm x 9.5cm
Height = 3cm

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