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Face the Music - Gift Set of the MonthEach month I’ll showcase one of the Green Gift Sets, to show you just how easy it is to gift green. Every gift box has been created with you and the planet in mind, sourcing only the best ingredients, recycling packaging and featuring vegan friendly natural skincare.

The Sing in the Shower set is perfect for the winter months ahead. As we’ve learnt in last week’s blog, our skin needs a different level of moisture and exfoliating as the temperature drops. As you’ll know by now, I love a simple skincare routine. So, if you’d like to start with the essentials then this is a great gift set.


Let’s start in the shower, throughout the winter months don’t have seriously hot showers, instead use warm water. This won’t dry the skin out as much as a roasting hot shower and is better for your skin in general.

SING IN THE SHOWER - GIFT SET OF THE MONTHIf your skin is dry use the loofah as a dry brush, in circular motions run the loofah across the skin towards the heart. This encourages blood flow and loosens any dead skin before you jump in the shower or during your shower.

To add a gentle exfoliant to your daily routine throughout winter is a great idea. Due to the intermittent temperatures and shifting from cold to hot constantly, your skin cells dehydrate and die out quicker in the winter months. The Body Scrub Bar is full of nourishing natural oils and sugar to gently buff away the dead skin cells, leaving you feeling super soft.


Don’t forget your hair! Jut like your skin, your hair needs additional moisture as each strand can become dry and brittle leading to split ends and frizz. The shampoo and conditioner bar are full of rich argan oil, which prevents breakage and leaves your hair feeling smoother.

For an added dose of hydration keep your conditioner in overnight and then wash out the next morning.

Finally, when you’re ready to step out the shower, pat yourself dry. Any residual water can be locked in when you moisturise. Take the body lotion bar and apply over your whole body, the heat from your skin will allow the top layer of oils to melt and apply evenly over your skin. This technique will lock in more moisture and leave your skin feeling super soft.

If you do have any dry patches, use an additional pea sized amount of the Ultra Pro Facial Cream. I apply this to my elbows as they are always super dry!


  • Natural Loofah
  • Dragonfruit Body Scrub Bar
  • Pink Clay Shampoo Bar
  • Botanical Conditioner Bar
  • Body Lotion Bar

You save over 20% when you buy the bundle rather than each product individually. And this whole set will last you up to 6 months all this for £29.99, plus P&P.

If you’d like to pick yours up now you can visit the website or click here.

Peace and love

Eco Em xx

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