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Bath Salts ReviewThank you for your feedback

I love hearing from all the waste warriors that support Eco Ems. With every review whether it’s from Etsy, the website or feedback from customers directly my business grows. It’s your kind words, support and word of mouth that continue to make a huge difference and put a smile on my face.


This month I’ve received a wonderful review from a lovely lady I met at the Bosworth Battlefield Spring Fair.

As I meet many of you face to face at fairs and markets, I appreciate how many people are looking for moments of relaxation with the benefit of glowing skin. I meet people with life stresses, anxiety, depression and a whole host of day to day worries.

I hope that by talking through some of the things going on and finding soothing essential oils to boost your mood, I can help to alleviate some of those worries. And help to create positive moments in your day that promote some self-love.

Bath Salts Review“I treated myself to some of these bath salts while visiting a local craft fair. I rarely get a chance as all mothers know to wind down and take a relaxing moment to myself. Em took the time to explain all the ingredients and how they help with relaxation. I chose the floral salts as they looked so pretty and thought this is just what I need when having a nice long soak in the bath.”

“They make the bath water look so pretty and inviting me in to take that time for myself. They also smell amazing! After the bath I felt relaxed, and my skin felt so soft. I would recommend to anyone female or male, trying to find a little time to relax with a little something extra.”


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Thank you for reading this weeks blog, Bath Salts Review.

Peace and love,

Eco Em xx

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