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All About EthyWhen I started my zero-waste journey I didn’t truly know where to start. I stumbled across ethy at the perfect time, as I was making a lot of changes to my everyday essentials and needed a hub to find the right companies.

From then on, I’ve been hooked and have turned to ethy to point me in the direction of brands that have a similar ethos to my own.


ethy is the UK’s number 1 sustainable shopping app, with over 10,000 users and a variety of amazing brands onboard.

ALL ABOUT ETHYThey have a vision for a world where shopping doesn’t come at the expense of the environment, people or animals. ethy makes it easy for consumers to find brands whose purpose aligns with their own. Each brand has verified sustainability achievements against transparent SDG-centred standards, demonstrating contribution to the UN SDGs, and empowering people to make sustainable choices.

Because each brand has their own eco labels I was able to find the ones I wanted to support. From female led, UK Made, 100% natural and many more, I could browse hundreds of businesses who were making a positive impact just as I wanted to.



Having used ethy when I started Eco Ems one of my goals was to see my brand on their app and website. It’s no secret that everything I do at Eco Ems is centred around sustainability and I started the business to help each one of you take steps in the same direction.

When the opportunity arose to register as an ethy approved brand I jumped at the chance. After a thorough onboarding process, I am pleased to announce I have been a verified brand since January 23.


When the opportunity arose to register as an ethy approved brand I jumped at the chance. After a thorough onboarding process, I am pleased to announce I have been a verified brand since January 23.

I often speak to people whether at craft fairs or in my day to day, that want to do good but don’t know where to start. When I started Eco Ems, I wanted to make gift boxes that were full of products that were good for you and the planet.

A beautiful gift box of bathroom essentials that were full of natural ingredients, plastic free and that I knew had been sourced responsibly. To ensure that every gift, whether bought because of the eco friendly credentials or just because they appreciated the aesthetics had sustainability at its core.

It was particularly important to me that nothing was greenwashed, there were no big, bold statements that weren’t true or that I hid behind green branding that wasn’t green at all. Everything I have done; I have done with plastic free ethos in mind.


Greenwashing is a claim or a statement that makes consumers believe the company and its products are environmentally friendly, when they aren’t.

Because of huge marketing budgets and PR stunts most people don’t even realise the items they are buying aren’t good for the planet or for them. We’ve been green washed for so long by huge conglomerates that we often don’t realise they aren’t as good as they make out.

However, there are thousands of companies that are doing their bit for a sustainable future. For example, 1 in 3 customers in the UK say that sustainability is important to them, but they often don’t know what the company they’re looking to buy from stands for.

Making it easy to see what I stand for as a business and how you can trust the processes, I have followed to get the green gift sets not only beautifully presented but good for the planet.


You can find my profile and link to my shop on the ethy app, just type in Eco Em in the search bar and I’ll pop up. You can also browse the hundreds of other sustainable brands and flick through their sustainability claims. All of which have been verified by ethy themselves.

Alternatively, you can visit and have a little nosey through their website, you’ll find out more about the company and the lengths they are going to, to build a better future for us all.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little introduction into ethy and I hope you enjoy getting to know all about them in your own time. Don’t forget to visit my page and have a little look around while you’re there.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog, All About Ethy.

Peace and love,

Eco Em xx

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