5 Ways to stay on track in 2023

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5 Ways to stay on track in 2023

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In 2022 I decided that I was going to spend my free time learning about myself, to be the best version of me for my business, my family, friends, partner and most importantly for myself.

This was a very simple new years resolution and one I couldn’t break as I was invested. I opted to educate myself through podcasts, research, and self-learning. Whilst doing so I learnt a lot and I wanted to share some of the ways I stayed on track.

How do you keep to your new year’s resolutions?

Firstly, pick something that’s meaningful. In last week’s blog I mentioned the most common new year’s resolutions, but they are very generic, they don’t mean anything to anyone really. And because of that they are easy to stop and fall back into your old habits.

You must find your pain point, for example if you hate your job and you want to move to a new company you need to be more specific. Ask yourself some important questions such as:

What don’t you like about your current role?

What is it you want to do?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Why do you want to leave?

5 Ways to stay on track in 2023
5 Ways to stay on track in 2023

Once you start to break it down, you might find that you love your job. It’s your colleague who makes the office environment unbearable. Once you have a better understanding you can then speak with your manager or plan as to how to address the situation. You may decide that you’d like to leave anyway for a better paid role or more perks. Without breaking down your New Years resolutions and finding out the reason behind them, you may only ever scratch the surface.

Willpower is key

If you decide you want to stop drinking this year and go sober, you may want to also think about those you surround yourself with. If you know you have a friend who doesn’t respect your choices and you can get easily persuaded, then you’ll need to exercise your willpower.

Try to plan, know what you’re going to order, when your cut off is and possibly drive to avoid temptation. Small changes to your routine over time prove to yourself that these lifestyle choices are here to stay, and you’ll learn that they can be achieved.

Small steps towards a bigger goal

This year might be the year you decide to go all in with your business. You’ve been working towards this moment for years and now is the best time, you’ve written your business plan, you’ve done your finances and you know this is the best time to start the company.

Continue to make small steps, bite sized goals to achieve the big goal are best. Have you ever seen the ladder example, every step the person takes up the ladder is climbing towards the end goal. In this instance that might be for a successful 6 figure company, but without starting you’ll never make it to the end goal.

First things first, create a company, build a website, make a product, learn a skill to teach others, create an Instagram page, write a blog, get an accountant. All these small steps that go on behind the scenes that build a successful business are key to move the business forward and for it to grow. The same process can be used for any goal you decide to take on this year.

Get a buddy

Accountability has been proven to keep many of us on track. The idea being you have a buddy or another person who you can check in with. This might be your gym buddy, a personal trainer or partner.

You’ve decided to lose 5 stone this year, that means you’ve got 12 months, each month you’ve set a goal of 5.8Lbs. You know you’ve got a good diet you have a meal plan in place, and you know that you need someone to hold you accountable.

You book in with a personal trainer twice a week, and they’re lucky because you know your target weight for the end of the year. You’ve set achievable monthly goals and you have great nutrition; you just need someone to get you to turn up to the gym.

Because you’ve got your sessions booked you are more likely to go. You have a trained professional working with you to keep the routine fun and they are with you every step of the way. Sometimes we all need a buddy, mentor, or community behind us to help us along the way.

Write it down

I love a good journal; the art of writing is cathartic. And in this instance can help you to stay on track in a multitude of ways. Start by writing down your desired goal, visualise, manifest, know how you’ll feel once you’ve achieved it.

Then start to document the steps you’ve made towards it, write down each change you’ve made or success you’ve had. This can help you to see how much you’ve achieved over time and don’t forget to look back over your progress. You may have a week where you don’t lose weight for example, but over the last 3 months you’ve lost 2 stone.

This can help you to overcome the little hurdles you face towards your end goal and to stop you from throwing away all the progress you’ve made so far. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone slips up, makes mistakes, and doesn’t always keep to the plan. However, if you write down the bad as well as the good you can learn from them and continue to move forwards.

Then at a later date, you can look back in hindsight and remember everything you learnt along the way as an additional bonus.

I hope these tips can help you achieve your goals; I’d love to hear what New Years Resolutions you’ve made and what your goals are for 2023. If you haven’t already jump on the socials and search Eco Em’s Gifts to send me a message and let me know your plans for the year ahead.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog, 5 Ways to stay on track in 2023.

Peace and love

Eco Em xx

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